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Leslie McCaddon Mendoza

The grief and life coach for young widows determined to have more joy, love and purpose

in their life after loss.


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After my husband died. I couldn’t understand his death. I couldn’t understand my life. I couldn’t understand the beginning, middle or end of our story. 

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Meet Leslie

Coaching with Leslie

If you're like most of us, the first year of widowhood was a blur. It was difficult to just put one foot in front of another. Maybe you threw yourself into work or caring for your kids. Now you are asking, "There has to be more to the rest of my life than this, right?" YES! Working with a coach can transform the way you look at your grief, your purpose, and your whole life.

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What clients are saying about being coached by Leslie



Leslie helps me put it in perspective.  She doesn't wave a magic wand and it's all better, but she helps me realize it's really going to be okay and I can do this.  I can pick myself up after each wave - even the giant ones.  She keeps me honest with myself.  No matter how hard I might try to point the finger in another direction, she is able to bring it back to the root cause and gives me the tools to work through what's really going on; and she does it in a way that's like talking with one of my girlfriends who really knows me and calls me out on my bs, and she can do it because she's been there.


I’ve never met anyone who has been through the trials that she has with such a loving, selfless, and supportive attitude!! I have days I want to turn around and not go to work - but just one phone call to her and I feel like YES I CAN DO THIS.


In just a few meetings with Leslie – first to help me process grief after significant losses and then to help with life goals - I have benefited from our sessions. Leslie’s passion for widows and widowers is genuine because she’s been there herself. Plus, she’s doing what she loves and is making her own dreams come true. The way she redirected my thoughts when they added unnecessarily to my suffering immediately lifted the fog and let me see a future for myself again. The grief I carry now is emotionally lighter, and that results in at least six hours a week of “found” time because I’m more energized and not stuck in widow-brain.

Share your information here and Leslie will contact you to set up a time to talk and decide if this coaching is a good fit for you.
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