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7 Helpful Steps For New Widows

I was really one of the lucky ones. Before I’d even made it back home to break it to my kids that their dad had died, I got to take a six-hour road trip with a widow six years ahead of me on her loss-journey. We ate snacks. We cried. We talked. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t take notes. And, to be honest, I didn’t heed a lot of her advice. It turns out, she might have known a thing or two about what she was talking about.

Over the past eight years as a widow, and now as a life coach to new widows, I’ve made or seen just about every mistake a widow can make. That being said, don’t worry. Even if you make every mistake, you’ll be okay. You can always start fresh today. It is not an all or nothing situation. But, there are few pieces of advice I really wish every widow might hear and at least try to follow. I haven’t met too many widows who

would argue with these tips. Just many, many who nod their heads and say “I really wish I had known.”

So, from one young widow to another, here are 7 Helpful things I hope you’ll consider doing.

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